Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp

Section 5 – Lessons 38 to 40

Lesson 38 summarized what is going to be covered in Section 5. We will be making a stylized personal website.

Lesson 39 demonstrated a method for creating a favicon for your website. A favicon is displayed on the title bar of your website. You can create a favicon using the favicon generator at You link to the favicon by using a link tag <link> tag inserted in the <head> section of html.index.

Lesson 40 explained how to create and the uses for an html div container. In this lesson the div container was used to hold the <h1> and <p> elements setting out the information about the site i.e., “Shane Pinder” “a programmer.”

Lesson 40 also showed how to use the Chrome developer tools to inspect the page and find which elements had built in margins and how to get rid of those margins.